Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Gay Nudists Beaches

Australia has several official as well as unofficial nude beaches that attract nudists from different age groups, genders and beliefs. Well, in case you are a gay nudists then it would be better to find a nude beach that attracts a lot of attractive gay male. And, when it comes to nude beaches exclusively for gays, Australia certainly wouldn't disappoint you. Here is a list of the top nude beaches in Australia.

The Lady Bay Beach: This is one of Sydney's original nude beaches, which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Also known as the Lady Jane beach, this small yet special place has been a great hangout place for naturists long before it actually became official in the seventeenth century. This beach is near to another popular Australian beach called Watson's Bay. There is a great pub on this beach where you can have some snacks and interact with a few interesting nudists.
Obelisk Beach: Obelisk Beach is famous ‘clothing-optional’ and gay friendly beach in Australia. This beach is located at the Southern end of the National park of Middle head. You can reach the beach either by car or hire a catamaran, who will take round the harbor for a more picturesque experience. A lot of people come to this beach to see the sunset. Nudists are advised to practice nudity at the beach only and any attempt to violate this protocol is considered an offence.

Cobblers Beach: This beach is near the Obelisk beach on the northern side of the harbor. Reaching this beach isn't as issue as public transport services are available seven days a week Both the Obelisk as well as Cobblers beach is an ideal place for gay nudists looking to find their ideal partner.
Little Congwong Beach, La Perouse: While this isn't designated as a nude sunbathing area, you are more likely to find cloth-less people than others. As the name suggests, Little Congwong is a tiny beach that attracts couples, singles, young and old. Although this beach is only 14 kilometers from Sydney is appears to be a hundred miles away. There is a Big Congwong beach too, which isn't a place for naturists. Make sure you reach the right destination.

If you are a person who follows the nudist lifestyle, the aforementioned list of beaches would certainly help you find an ideal, like- minded partner.

Furthermore, it would certainly help you meet some genuine gaynudists who are in search of a person who would lend them support throughout life.

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